Longboard Dancing in Paris

RECAP: Paris 360 Longboard Dancing Open

Those of you following the blog and Instagram know that I was fortunate to attend the very first Paris 360 Longboard Dancing Open this past weekend. What was unfortunate is that I am currently writing this with a broken foot (Pangea Fail) so I wasn’t able to do the one thing I wanted to do most in Paris – go longboard dancing.

Anyways, we’re not here to talk about my woes and sadness currently, so here’s our short recap and report on the event, and what you can expect from Paris and the event should you choose to come next year!

The 360 Open at a glance

How big was the event?

For its first run, quite big actually! They had about 30 big name brands sponsoring the event. About 200 men registered to compete between sponsored and non-sponsored, and 130 women competing between sponsored and non-sponsored. I can imagine it will only get bigger with time.

How much did it cost to compete?

For non-sponsored categories it was 10€

What were the prizes?

Standard competition prize fare, decks, wheels, trucks etc from various brands that sponsored the event. But there were some really cool custom made medals and trophies for the winners. There were also some really cool raffle prizes.

What was the level of people competing?

Sponsored riders are self explanatory, I mean these guys ride a lot and were good enough to get picked up by a brand. For non-sponsored, the skill level was all over the place, from beginner + to riders who could definitely skate alongside some of the pros.

Technical specs on competing

Contestants skate two at a time with a 90 second run time, most runs ended a typical “last trick.” The grounds had good asphalt (provided it is always going to be hosted at the same location) and measured roughly 70 meters one way. A live drummer / DJ laid the tracks the whole time, while adding live drum beats on his tracks.

What were the overall vibes like?

Very chill, as expected. Considering how many big names in the scene were present, everything was always comfortable and down to earth. Everything from sitting around, chatting during breaks, to the after party was just super fun and relaxed.

Is there vegan food available at the venue?

To my fellow vegans, nope. Come prepared with your own food for the day. The area where the event was held also wasn’t really close to any restaurants a far as I could tell.

Paris as a longboard dancing city

For those of you who have even been shortly involved with longboard dancing, you know that Paris is one of, if not THE biggest, longboard dancing cities in Europe. Some of the best practitioners of our our sport call Paris home, and you instantly feel that in the city.

THE Paris skate spot

As mentioned, I was at the event with a busted foot, so I wasn’t able to scope out too many skate spots personally. But the original Docksession Spot is right along the river in Paris. It’s a wonderful skate spot, lots of space, beautiful asphalt, some amazing riders of all levels, and there is even a bar and bathrooms on site. It’s the perfect skate spot to spend an entire day boarding, chilling, and laughing. If you’re ever in Paris, it is a MUST! You can find it in the Google Map below.

Paris is quite expensive

Depending on your individual money situation, you may want to consider saving up some cash before heading to the French Capital City. Especially if you’re paying for accommodation as well. To give you an indicator, a 0,33L Beer (not even a great one) will run you between 4-7 Euros depending where you are in the city.

Is it a recommended event?

Yep, we’d definitely recommend checking it out. It’s Europe’s second biggest longboard dancing event behind only So You Can Longboard Dance. I hope the continue to have it at the same venue because that spot was really cool, and the skate grounds were really great. If you wanna get some insight into the cool vibes at the event, be sure to check out our video post where we asked some riders the question – What is longboard dancing all about?

If you’ve got some funds saved up, and are looking for a great reason to get to Paris for a bit, base your trip around the next 360 Event!

How to Start Dancing in Longboard

Looking to get started with longboard dancing? Look no further, today’s article is a longboard dancing guide to help you figure out what you need to do.

I’ll cover everything from the sorts of boards you need, and I’ll even direct you to some useful tutorials.

What is longboard dancing and how to start?

Longboarding dancing is essentially stepping on your board in various ways, throwing in some flashy moves, and making it all flow in a graceful way.

For a good example of what longboard dancing is, check out the video below.

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There are loads of different types of longboards and they’re all suited to certain types of disciplines. If you get an inappropriate board, you won’t have enough room to do footsteps, the deck might turn too suddenly, the wheels might roll too slowly, and it might not even have a kicktail.

In short, you need to be careful about what you pick. Check out my guide below to find out more about the right type of deck for dancing.

What board do you need for longboard dancing?

The deck should be the right size

Most longboards come in sizes between 36-40 inches. Longboards for dancing are usually much longer and tend to fall between 40-48 inches in length. They tend to be this long so you can have enough room to do cross-steps and all sorts of moves on the deck.

Finally, this added length gives them a smooth turn. They aren’t very nimble, but they have a gentle sort of turn that makes them easy to balance on and ride.

For freestyle, most decks are about 40inches in length. This gives you some room to dance on them, but more importantly, makes them lighter and easier to pick up to flip and throw around.

The deck also should have a bit of flex

Flex is when a board flexes under your weight. Most dance boards will have a bit of it.
How much flex you want in a board is down to personal preference, but most dancers favor flexy boards. This is what you should go for as a beginner.

Flex allows you to do a ton of footwork without really putting any input to your trucks. It allows the board to feel stable and not too twitchy when you’re doing quick footwork across the board.

Board manufacturers will often have different flexes for the same board. This is because flex varies depending on your weight. If you’re light, you’re going to want the softest flex. If you’re heavy, the stiffer flexes will be more suitable. Be sure to check the product guides when buying a relevant board.

How do trucks affect the ride?

The best trucks for longboard dancing are gonna be about 180mm wide and will have a baseplate angle of 50*. These two things will give the trucks a lively feel. They’ll be able to turn a lot but will have a very smooth lean. It will be easy to hold turns on these and the trucks won’t suddenly twitch when you’re doing quick foot steps.

What about the wheels? Will any do?

For dancing, you’re going to want a wheel that will roll quickly and that will roll forever. Wheels that can do this have two main features – they tend to have a large diameter and are made with a high-quality urethane (urethane is the rubbery material that the wheel is made from).

A large diameter means that a wheel can keep its speed and momentum. It will roll forever even after pushing it a little bit. This will allow you to do a ton of moves without your board slowing down too quickly. You’re going to want a wheel between 66-70mm in height.

Finally, a high-quality urethane will allow the wheels to roll fast and maintain their speed. Low-quality, low-rebound wheels don’t allow this. Low-quality wheels behave almost like flat tires, and this prevents the wheels from picking up speed and going fast. High-quality wheels are like tires full of air. They will pick up speed easily and maintain it. Most wheels from reputable brands will be high-quality and good for dancing.

What about the components?

If you manage to buy high-quality boards, the components will likely be premium – you won’t have to worry about replacing anything. The only real customization you might have to do is upgrading the bushings – but that isn’t super important for most people. And though I’ve mentioned this, it isn’t something to worry about – unless you’re a super light rider.

What are good tutorials for longboard dancing?

Now that you’ve got your board, you should get started learning to dance. But before you get too far, you should make sure you have the riding basics down first.

Check out the video below. Learning to push and carve are keys to skating. They’re essential building blocks to dancing.

Easy longboard dance tricks to learn

Once you’ve mastered cruising, an easy trick to move on to is the cross step. Check out Hans Wouter describing how to do it below.

Where should you practice?

What you need is a smooth flat space, that has enough room for you to turn and skate a considerable distance. Here are some good spots think about:

  • Empty parking lot.
  • Empty basketball court.
  • Empty roads in your neighborhood.
  • Empty school yards etc.

What are good boards for longboard dancing?

1. Seething 42 Inch Longboard

Coming in at a price just under $80, this is an affordable board. It will be good for beginners getting into dancing on a budget. It will also be good for cruising and other types of riding too.

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The deck is made from 9plys of Canadian maple. It is on the stiffer side of flex and will be better for heavier riders wanting a more sturdy ride. It has a length of 42inches and a width of 10inches. It has twin kicktails.

This board will be good or both freestyle and dancing. It has a ton of room so footwork won’t be difficult to do on it.

It comes with 7inch trucks and 70mm wheels. The trucks are a bit on the narrower side, giving this board a quicker turn.

All in all, this isn’t a decent board. It is best for someone who wants a hybrid board good for other stuff (think freestyle) as well as dancing. I have to say the components aren’t the best, but you get what you pay for. If you want something affordable, it is hard to pass up.

2. AODI 46″ Longboard Skateboard

Costing just shy of $80, this is the best budget board for dancing on my list. It comes in the traditional dance shape, with twin kicktails and an appropriate length.

With a deck 46 inches long and 10 inches wide, this board will have a ton of room. You’ll be able to pull off cross-steps with no problem as that length leaves nothing to be desired. What might hold it back is the 7plys of construction, meaning it won’t be super flexible. This is fine as it will probably flex under heavier riders (it has a max weight of 250lbs), but won’t flex at all for lighter riders.

When it comes to the wheels, this board has 85a hard 70mm wheels. These are quite appropriate for dancing, they’ll roll forever and will give a good feel when dancing.

Whilst the flex holds it back this board is quite good for the money. It is a great option for a heavier rider looking for a board on a budget but will be good for a lighter rider if they don’t mind the stiffness.

3. Movendless YD-0016 Longboard 7 Layer

Another board more suited for freestyle and cruising, this one comes in at 41.75inches in length and 10inches in width. It has a single kicktail and features a tiny bit of flex. It costs slightly more than $130 so it’s on the expensive side of the spectrum.

The board comes 6 inch wide trucks and 60mm tall, 80a wheels. These are great if you’re looking for a fast-rolling board that has a nimble turn. The wheels on this board light up when you roll them, so it’s a nice feature if you plan on skating at night or to stand out when you’re skating with others.

I would say this board isn’t worth the money. It is better suited to freestyle with the smaller 60mm wheels and smaller trucks, but you get about the same with the Seething above. The Seething is also better value for money I feel, where this is expensive. But this board has a better graphic and would be my pick if I was doing more cruising than freestyle.

4. Magneto longboard

Coming in at just over $130, this is a great board for dancing. Unlike the AODI above, this one is made with bamboo and will have more flex. It will be good for a lighter rider looking for a flexy board, or a heavier rider looking for a REALLY flexy board.

The deck comes in at 46inches in length and 9inches in width. Whilst a bit narrower, this narrower width won’t hold it back – only people with really long feet might suffer but it should be good enough for most people. As I mentioned earlier this deck is made from bamboo, this gives it a nice bounce and flex which is pretty good for dancing. It will also be nice for cruising and will give a comfortable ride.

Component wise, the Magneto is pretty good. It has knock off Paris trucks, and whilst they won’t be as good as the originals, they will feel pretty good when skating. When it comes to wheels it has 70mm wheels, these are the best for dancing as they will roll for a long time and you won’t struggle when pushing them.

This has to be the best overall board on my list. It should fit most budgets and will work well for both heavy and lighter riders. If you’re on a budget and need something decent, this is hard to pass up.

5. Volador 40inch cruiser

If you’re interested in cruising more than dancing, this is a good option. You’ll still be able to do some footwork and dance moves, but it will be limited. The deck on this isn’t very suited to dancing.

Coming in at 40inches in length, this board has a drop-through style of mounting. This means the trucks are mounted on top of the deck as opposed to underneath as they are on the other decks listed here. This mainly changes how they turn, making them turn a bit slower but smoother. This often feels a bit weird for dancing as the turning can feel delayed and awkward, but should be ok once you get used to it.

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Finally, the drop-through mounting lowers the board to the ground. This makes pushing, foot braking, and just generally riding the board easier. It’s ideal for cruising.

If you want a board primarily for cruising, this is a good choice. The drop-through mounting makes it ideal. It will be stable and easy to ride. However, it isn’t the best choice for dancing. You’ll do better with the other options above.

What do you think? Which board is best for you?

If you’re still mulling over which board to pick, I highly suggest the Magneto or the Aodi. The Aodi is great if you’re on a budget and if you want a stiffer board. The Magneto is the better option, but it will cost you a bit more. You can go wrong with either though.

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Thanks for a marvelous posting! Matching the length of the deck with your height will ensure a good fit, while choosing to go for a longer or shorter board will affect how other aspects of the board come together and how they perform on the road.

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Dissimilar – Longboard Dance X Freestyle In Paris

Hans Wouters HD 12:11


Dissimilar – Going to Paris with Yoth is starting to become our traditional way of starting the summer. Something about taking our longboard through this city together makes it so unique, and I hope to capture some of that in this video. Lots of hard skating, beautiful places and mostly unforgettable memories combined into a 12 minute video.
“Luminosity”, last year’s Paris video: https://youtu.be/fw0NYcb1CGo
(credits at end of the video)
I. The Colonies – Luck – https://youtu.be/uyhYeJJVIW8
II. Russ ft. Bugus – Real Player Shit – https://bit.ly/2mhuhPL
III. Lowself – Lotus Hill – https://youtu.be/_NxdAa2Ce4U
IV. FTGU – Face it – https://spoti.fi/2kkiwrd
Crownboards – http://crownboards.com/
Caliber Truck Co. – http://calibertruckco.com/
Blood Orange Wheels – http://skatebloodorange.com/
Manaliso Clothing – http://manaliso.com/
Undone Watches – http://undone.com/
Zhiyun Tech – http://zhiyun-tech.com/
15 easy beginner tricks – https://youtu.be/Gut3T6DZEhI/
basics of longboarding – https://youtu.be/mkQqWYaUEHs/
my best of 2018 video – https://youtu.be/KadeDtQqaHM/
10 beginner tips – https://youtu.be/jdwYz-JVugM/
longboard buying guide – https://youtu.be/qSH0UH6agUc/
5 beginner dance steps – https://youtu.be/DQidZIcvNwI/
age – 21 years old from the 16th of february.
country – belgium.
languages – i normally speak dutch. obviously also english and my french should be pretty good. has some german classes in uni but only technical german.
longboarding since – summer of 2012.
studies – in my third year of electromechanical engineering. i’m loving it.
filmmaking since – i was probably around 10 years old when i bought my first camera.
favorite music artist – eminem. also liking g-eazy, logic, russ, joyner lucas, j-cole, billie eilish.
favorite movie director – q. tarantino and c. nolan
how to buy crownboards – decks & completes are sold every friday at 6pm cet on http://crownboards.com. they sell out quick so gotta be ready, fast and a bit lucky :)
what longboard to buy – check out my “ultimate guide on buying a longboard”, i explain all i know about it here: https://youtu.be/qSH0UH6agUc/
camera – [2019-now] sony a7iii w/ sony’s 28mm f2.0 lens / [2017-2019] sony a6300 w/ 35mm f1.8 and the 18-55 kitlens / [2015-2017] canon 60d and canon hf-g10. total sony fanboy now
editing software – adobe premiere pro cc
tips for beginners – i make/made a lot of videos teaching longboarding from beginner level to a more advanced level. here’s a playlist of those videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list.
what’s with the weed jokes – well people often ask me if i’m high cause i look like i am. and then it kinda became a meme on this channel haha
[hans wouters, hans, wouters, longboard, long board, longboard dancing, longboard tricks, longboard trick, longboarding tricks, longboarding, longboard freestyle, longboard dance, longboarding dancing, longboard tips, how to longboard, longboard basics]

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    How to Choose Best Longboards For Dancing in 2021: The Definitive Guide

    By Bam Ericson // Last Updated January 27, 2021 , 1:42 pm (UTC)

    While longboard dancing doesn’t require a certain type of skateboard to perform, getting a delicate model with the right setup will give you at least three biggest benefits:

    • Keep carving performance in a fluid way
    • Give freedom in movement
    • Deliver more room to perform stepping tricks
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    Все на лыжи!

    If you want to learn or enhance longboard dancing, consider the following top 5 best models on the market:

    Read more:

    Table of Contents

    Top 5 Best Longboards For Dancing Reviews in 2021

    Magneto Bamboo Dancing Longboard

    (Best overall)

    In my opinion (and I’m sure many will agree), Magneto makes some of the coolest looking dancer longboards in the world.

    Without sacrificing performance, their product quality lies in the fact that each deck is crafted from a hybrid of fiberglass, carbon fiber, and bamboo. There’s additionally a W concave shape for better foot attraction.

    The vital selling point should be its superbly precise speed ABEC-11 bearings and smooth 78A wheels. This perfect combo allows the riders less pushing and more trick performing.

    To avoid slipping, the OS780 grip tape comes into place and the 7″ high angle gravity cast trucks help to deliver better control. Not only dancing, but this Magneto longboard is also perfect for carving, freestyle riding, and downhill.

    Volador 46inch Maple Dancing Longboard


    In its cheap price range, Volador 46” longboard setup is hard to beat, especially in terms of the unsurpassed smooth ride.

    For those who are curious, the secret comes from a cold-pressed 8-ply maple deck compatible with a spacious 37-Inch Wheelbase. Combined with the stock 70x51mm 78A PU wheels, it gives the rider three biggest benefits: Shock absorption, Amazing physical performance, and Superior flexibility.

    While longboard dancing and trick performing might cause lots of wheel-bite to your board, the additional wheel wells and raiser pads help to avoid that from any angle.

    A slight concave is added to soup up its acceleration before dancing tricks while the aluminum 7-Inch reverse kingpin trucks fit different maneuverability needs.

    All-in-all, this board design wise is versatile enough to suit different riding styles, from dancing to cruising, carving, and downhill riding.

    RIMABLE Bamboo Dancing Longboard


    Crafted from 8-ply cold-pressed hard-rock maple wood, but still, the Rimable longboard keeps an adequate lightness for easy transport whereas allowing for a hard and sturdy base.

    Like the Volador, is a spacious 46” x 10” deck, 7-Inch reverse kingpin trucks, 37-Inch wheelbase, and 70x51mm 78A PU wheels. And for the difference, the biggest should be deck shape and paint.

    What I appreciate the most about Rimable is not only they ensure the highest-quality products to their customers but also take care of people with different tastes.

    In terms of colorways and patterns, there are four: Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow. All have nice designs, from avant-garde to strikingly vintage looks.

    For leveraged performance and unique graphics, this Rimable longboard will take you to the next level.

    Landyachtz Stratus Dancing Longboard


    The Landyachtz Stratus, which I am reviewing here, is a high-end longboard featuring a 45.5” length. But standing out from other dancers, it’s quite lightweight with just 5 pounds that you can carry around with ease and comfort.

    The extra-large standing platform (compared to other counterparts in its field) is another highlight for longboard dancing riders. I mean both beginners and intermediates. It’s because you can freely try to do kickflips, shuv-its, or super high no-complys.

    Combined with a flexy material deck, there’s nothing of breaks or cracks happened to it. Take note that you’ve got two flex options to choose from: Standard flex – for 150 to 210 lbs. – and Superb flex – for 100 to 170 lbs.

    WHOME PRO 42 Inch Dancing Longboard

    (Best For Girls)

    Last but not least, is the Whome Pro 42” longboard with a 9” width to be ideal for girls playing tricks or dancing.

    Due to the compact silhouette, it allows the rider to work or carry around with the contours more easily. Combined with a premium anti-slip grip tape coverage, the board soups up with better control capability.

    What’s worth mentioning the most about this product is its perfect combo of wider A356 aluminum alloy trucks and 31.5 wheelbases for extra stability. This also results in larger wheel options (of 70x51mm, crafted from high-quality PU) that help for quicker cruising.

    Smoothness might be another benefit you might figure out when riding on the Whome Pro, which is a big thank you to ABEC-9 bearings.

    This higher rating delivers not only faster speed, but also extra stability that you can feel ease in mind while performing some dancing tricks.

    Consider its various colorways, decent performance, and high-quality components, the price is a steal.

    The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Best Longboards For Dancing


    As you will be dancing and doing tricks on this component, a deck is the most important to consider. Keep in mind these crucial criteria:

    • Shape
    • Size
    • Flex
    • Concave

    When picking a deck shape for longboarding dancing, the rule is quite simple: Choose the one that can provide you like plenty of foot space to do tricks as possible.

    To cut a long story short, here are something you should or shouldn’t follow:

    Like when choosing a deck shape, the rule here can’t be simpler: The bigger the better.

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    Доски на колесах - Что такое рипстик?

    Why? – You might ask.

    It’s because a bigger deck will deliver extra foot space for freedom to perform tricks easily. Somewhere between 42” – 50” long with 9” wide (at least) is fine.

    A specialized board for dancing won’t ask too much for stiffness or flex, you will need one in the middle – a good balance of flex and stability.

    That’s why my suggestion is bamboo. It’s lightweight enough that you can go for a pure bamboo deck or blend it with either maple or fiberglass.

    “Can I choose a maple mixed with fiberglass instead?”

    Yes, you can. But because of its extra heft while you won’t want to carry a heavy, 48” long deck around, make sure the number of wood plies is on the lower side. Normally, 7 to 8 plies are great.

    When it comes to flex, it’d be best to follow the manufacturer’s guideline. They will usually offer some options of deck’s flex to customers. For example, Flex 1 for 160-200 lbs. and Flex 2 for 230-260 lbs.

    It’s important to consider your own bodyweight and pick the most suitable.


    Four most basic types of concave are:

    • Flat
    • Radial
    • W-shaped
    • Elliptical

    The best for longboarding dancing should come to no concave or mildest concave because you need space for cross steps and other dance moves. Longboards with a deep curve will trip you over when performing tricks.

    Therefore, out of a bunch, the flat deck is perfect for dancing.


    Some types of wheels are crafted more suitably for dancing than others. They go with smaller sizes, usually within 65-70mm, to help you accelerate faster.

    About the wheel shape, you should choose the round, not square because the round lip of wheels will deliver smoothness and consistent speed to perform freeride slides or tricks with ease.

    Last up, is their hardness. I don’t prefer to go too hard or too soft wheels for dancing. So, my go-to range for wheels’ durometer is 78A to 86A.


    For the trucks, the most common choice is 180mm pairs at 45-50° angle.

    “180mm of width” for adequate stability and “45-50° angle” for required responsiveness.

    Of course, you can choose other types of trucks with different angles and width as long as they meet two requirements: Stability & responsiveness. For instance, the Paris V2 50° trucks.


    In general, my advice is to pick a complete longboard that’s designed specifically for dancing. It’s considered the best choice for beginners.

    Choosing a reliable brand is encouraged in this case for a good warranty and guaranteed quality.

    Once building up your skills already and understanding of each longboard components, thinking of making a custom for your board isn’t too late. Have fun!

    Reader Interactions


    Thank you so much for this! I am considering building a dancing board for a friend and had no idea where to start!

    That’s good to hear! I’m glad we were able to help. You should come back and post an image of your dancing board once it’s complete. I am sure other readers would love to celebrate your accomplishment!

    The 5 Best Dancing Longboard Reviews

    Dance Skating is a special form of sport that can be performed by either roller skates or longboards. It has recently become a huge internet sensation and aspirants from many age groups are eager to build their skills in this area.

    To cater to this requirement, longboard producers introduced the Dancing Longboard, which is slightly different from the traditional longboard and offers more comfort, maneuverability, and agility.

    You can use any longboard for dancing but dedicated Dancer boards do have EFP ( Effective foot platform) that helps to have more freestyle tricks for beginners. Therefore, this article brings you a versatile list of the best dancing longboards.

    Table of Contents

    List of 5 Best Dancing Longboards

    Best Dancing Longboards 2021

    Longboard dancing may seem pretty simple to a passerby. However, only the true longboard dancers know how much skill and expertise is required to effectively execute various steps. As the popularity of these special dancing tricks has increased in 2021, so has the demand for such longboards.

    People are eager to get their hands on the good Dancing Longboards to demonstrate their skills in the best way possible. Let’s take a look at some of the best choices available in the market.

    Top Rated Dancing Longboard Reviews

    1- Loaded Bhangra V2: Finest Dancing Longboard

    The Bhangra by Loaded longboards has been an all-time favorite top-mount board among the longboarding dancing fans. It seems to be a very peculiar board that is designed for the fanciest of footwork. The Bhangra provides a generous platform with plenty of space for all your dance routines, and yet it’s agile enough for advanced freestyle tricks.


    The Bhangra undoubtedly has exceptional workmanship with an incredible combination of strength and flex to give you a super-smooth ride. The deck comprises two vertically laminated bamboo sheets with a very thin layer of cork in between them for strength and vibration damping.

    Moreover, Bhangra V2 uses epoxy bio-resin to attach the layers together as it is much more environmentally friendly than conventional petroleum-containing glues.

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    Что такое электросамокат?
    Shape & Design:

    The Bhangra V2 has a mild concave for effective balance and coordination when carving and sliding, however, it is subtle enough for free movement of the foot while dancing.

    The deck is coated with 80-grit grip tape, while the kick tail and nose are equipped with more robust grip tape to perform tricks easily. The V2 comes with very cool and vibrant graphics by Mexican artist Tomas Guereña.

    Size & Weight:

    Bhangra V2 has a spacious 48.5” long x 9.5” wide deck to offer a comfortable platform to dancers. If you are a beginner dancer, the size of the board can be overwhelming initially, however as soon as you step on it, you will feel pretty confident about starting to walk on it.

    The Bhangra V2 is a relatively heavy board with a deck weight of 5.5 pounds, and an extra 3.7 pounds for trucks and wheels. That being said, the weight together with the big wheels helps the Bhangra to quickly pick up and maintain velocity, which is ideal for cruising and carving.

    Wheels & Trucks:

    The Bhangra comes with 180mm Paris V2 trucks and Orangatang 70mm fast-rolling Wheels. The trucks of V2 are extremely responsive and solid, having 8mm Axle. Moreover, the specially built wheels and cutouts can avoid wheel-bite in most cases.

    Deck Flex:

    Bhangra V2 comes with two flex options. Flex1 is stiffer and better suited for heavy riders or aggressive freestyle tricks or slides. Whereas, Flex 2 offers damp yet flexier feel, more suited to lighter riders or riders of any weight looking for a more versatile deck for deeper carving, bouncy dance, and spring-like tricks.

      Organic and eco-friendly construction Lightweight and compact dancing board Large wheels are suitable for preventing wheel-bite Beautiful artwork and graphics Spacious deck size Cutout grip for better spinning moves
      Board is bulky Board is not symmetrical

    2- Loaded Tarab Bamboo – True Sway Dance Board

    Tarab is Loaded’s high-tech refinement of Bhangra, a beautiful, true dancing board designed using the highest-quality materials and technology. The Tarab was developed to serve the needs of a growing technical and freestyle longboard dancing community. Other than being a technical dancer, the Tarab functions as an extremely comfy and versatile distance commuting machine.


    The Loaded Tarab is right up at the leading edge of the longboard deck construction and engineering. Like many of Loaded ‘s latest boards, it’s also constructed from bamboo due to its strength and flex properties.

    Although the Tarab deck also has a composite sandwich framework, however, it utilizes basalt composite layers instead of the normal fiberglass in between the bamboo core.

    Moreover, Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene is also placed along the edges of the rails down to the full length of the deck. Therefore, if your board falls upside-down, it will withstand the effect much better.

    Shape & Design:

    The deck of the Tarab longboard is completely symmetrical with massive kicks representing its dancing and freestyle orientation. Like few other Loaded longboards, it incorporates a simple rocker with a mild elliptical concave that becomes steeper as we move from the center of the deck towards the corners.

    The subtle rocker lowers the board a little closer to the floor, making it much easier to push the board through long journeys. However, the tail and nose are just marginally uplifted to increase the size of the floor for dancing.

    Size and Weight:

    The Tarab is a 47″long x 9.5″ wide giant deck. It’s a versatile, oversized deck built for dancing and longboarding in freestyle. Broadly speaking, it is simple to manage, damp, robust, and aesthetically very pleasing. Furthermore, the Tarab weighs only 5 Pounds and is much shorter and lighter than the Bhangra.

    Wheels & Trucks:

    Tarab comes with Paris 180 mm, matte black trucks to provide a smooth and balanced turning that’s suitable for dancing, freestyling, and carving.

    In a balanced, lightweight build, the Orangatang Stimulus Wheels provide just the perfect mix of grip and slide for dancing. In addition, the deep and large CNC wheel wells also align with the cutout shape of the board to ensure sufficient wheel clearance while dancing for tight carving.

    Deck Flex:

    The Tarab has a good and even flex similar to other boards in the Loaded dancing series. The Tarab also comes with two flex options. Flex 1 is the stiffer alternative and the recommended choice for intense freestyling such as; pop and flip tricks. On the other hand, the Flex 2 does not have the additional bamboo top layer, leaving it a little lighter and bouncier.

    This is also the popular choice for conventional longboard dancers, who mostly walk and spin on the board without freestyle kicking.

      Reliable dancing board having quality construction Available in two flex options Wheels with right amount of grip and slide Spacious deck Beautiful and elegant graphics

    3- DINBIN 41″ Drop Through : High Speed Spin Longboard

    Drop-through longboards are highly respected among the riders for their high-speed and reliable performance.

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    Обзор электросамокатов

    Drop-through decks maintain a low center of gravity to improve overall stability which is critical for downhill riding. DINBIN 41-Inches is also a drop-through board and an amazing downhill riding option.

    It was engineered by the makers to serve the needs of all those who wish to storm downhill at high speed. It’s also the best board for beginners and dancing enthusiasts.


    DINBIN 41” Longboard is crafted from a high-density 8-ply hardwood maple deck with a maximum load-bearing capacity of 220 LBS. The materials used to make this dancing board are high-quality and environment-friendly. There is non-slip sandpaper on top of the deck to make the surface non-slippery and riders can comfortably perform dancing steps on it.

    Shape & Design:

    DINBIN 41” comes with a slight concave deck, therefore it feels sturdy underfoot and provides you a clear indication of where your foot is on the deck without actually having to look down and risking losing balance. Owing to this subtle concave, the DINBIN Longboard is suitable for cruising, dancing, and even for long-distance journeys.

    It can tackle varying terrains, so whether you’re planning a dancing session on a seamless car park or an uneven parking area, this longboard can handle a variety of surfaces with confidence.The deck shape of the DINBIN has gone under multiple testing phases and have passed all engineering tests to eliminate a wheel bite from any angle.

    Size and Weight:

    DINBIN has a regular sized longboard deck measuring 41” long x 9” wide, to provide a comfortable experience to beginners. Beginners and dancing enthusiasts will be able to have a strong balance and control over their longboard.

    Riders will find it much easier to push and break at any moment because of its long and wide deck. It’s going to be fun for longboarders of every age group to just jump on it and ride away. Besides, DINBIN is a lightweight dancing longboard, so that you can carry it around with ease.

    Wheels & Trucks:

    The PU wheels of DINBIN longboard are 70 x 51 mm in size with a hardness level of 85A. The hardness of the wheel is on the all-round performing side; however, it is neither super hard to spin slowly nor soft enough to be less durable. They can easily ride over any cracks, pebbles, and tiny sticks that usually obstruct you on a conventional board.

    Trucks can efficiently maintain a very stable ride even at high speeds. DINBIN can also bear heavy loads with a maximum weight capacity of 220 Pounds. Riders can tighten or loosen the trucks according to the requirement. Loose trucks are great for curves, whereas tight trucks are great for maintaining stability at high-speeds.

    Deck Flex:

    When it comes to choosing a flex, it all depends on your personal preferences. DUNBIN provides total adaptability, so you can modify the board to suit your dancing style.

    If you wish to lean to the right or left to make turns while performing dancing moves, you can change the flex accordingly.

    Conversely, if you’re an inexperienced longboard dancer, you have the choice of tightening the truck to make you feel more comfortable

      Durable and solid 8-Ply Maple deck Lightweight and easy to manage board Aesthetically pleasing design High quality trucks and wheels for amazing dancing experience
      Trucks may squeak while riding Deck may split if not used carefully

    4- Magneto Bamboo Longboard:

    Our next pick for the best dancing longboards is none other than the Magneto Bamboo Longboard. This board is capable of boosting your interest in longboard dancing. Magneto is famous for crafting high-quality longboards which are competitively priced providing great value for money.


    The comparison comes down to the deck construction between a good board and a great board. The bamboo and fiberglass used for the construction of the Magneto longboard make it one of the finest dancing longboards available in the market.

    The Three sheets of bamboo offer the deck a lot of flexibility, whereas the fiberglass enhances the overall strength and durability of the board.

    Shape & Design:

    Magneto Bamboo boasts a super deep concave that makes it a perfect platform for dancing. It also has a flat top that allows for a very comfortable ride underneath your feet. The board has a slightly arched slope that adds to the energetic feeling while dancing and turning.

    In addition, twin cocktails and top-mounted deck maximize the dancing stage for the rider. With its signature polished bamboo, not only is it aesthetically beautiful to look at, but it is also a pleasure to ride and dance on.

    Another of the things we value as a longboarding community while cursing through the streets is stability. Being designed in a drop-through fashion, it has a lower center of gravity so that you can ride it very smoothly and safely. In addition, the deck showcases a crazy custom graphic that remains the same irrespective of whichever way you’re looking at the Magneto.

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    Fliker Scooter
    Size & Weight:

    This longboard is an enormous one with a 46′′ long and 9” wide bamboo and a fiberglass deck. The width of the deck is 9′′.

    Needless to say, it will provide the rider with such a huge amount of room to perform all the dancing steps with ease. However, carrying this giant board can be a little bit of a challenge for some.

    Moreover, this board is large and flexible enough to bear higher weight. It can support a weight of up to 275 pounds.

    Wheels & Trucks:

    Magneto Bamboo Longboard comes with Paris-style and high-angle trucks. The manufacturer makes this longboard even more impressive by placing the risers along with the trucks to keep it higher from the ground.

    The trucks are also of outstanding standard and add to the longboard caving of the narrowest turns in a manner that will thrill you. That being said, bushings are of average quality and may require some maintenance.

    Big wheels could cause some disruption when moving at full speed, as larger wheels would generate more friction. The wheels are kind of soft, but function well with the longboard bearings. However, you may need to loosen the wheels a bit according to your riding style.

    Deck Flex:

    The flexibility of the deck plays a big impact in the way the boards feel and behave while cruising and dancing. Magneto Bamboo longboard is neither too stiff nor too soft, it seems like it’s efficiently pushing you out of your turns, enabling you to keep up the speed with very little effort.

      Big and wide Solid construction from bamboo and fiberglass Can bear up to 275 pounds Perfect board for freestyling and dancing
      Too bulky Difficult to carry it around

    5- Playshion Drop-Through: Cheap Dancing LongBoard

    Playshion is a renowned longboard and skateboard manufacturer famous for producing a range of boards, kick scooters as well as other associated equipment. Playshion 39” Drop-Through is one of the best dancing longboards on the market.


    Playshion Drop-Through is crafted from an eight-ply flex hardwood maple board. Manufacturers used a mixture of rock maple and bamboo to make this high-quality deck. The five-ply maple and two-ply bamboo construction ensure a fusion of robustness and flexibility. Thus, It can easily bear a weight of up to 250 pounds.

    Shape & Design:

    Drop through longboards seems to be very famous among the longboarding family as it offers a lot to the rider. PlayStation freestyle longboard is not only a drop-through board, it offers tons of amazing specifications and features to dancing enthusiasts.

    The drop-through design lowers the center of gravity and allows the rider to remain stable as the rider carve out rough turns. Another notable feature of this dancing board is the 4-inch ground clearance offered by its drop-through mounting system.

    Not only is the deck flat and symmetrical in nature, but a subtle concave is also present in the middle. This serves to safeguard your feet and facilitates turning, too.

    These characteristics of the Playshion deck pair up sturdiness and versatility to provide you with the dream ride. The color choices of this longboard are pretty fantastic.

    Although this longboard comes with several innovative features, the design and artwork variety of this longboard is not something to neglect.

    Size & Weight:

    PlayStation dancing board comes with 39” long and 9.1” wide deck, providing enough room to stand comfortably on it. The small width of the deck will be in the advantage of the beginners, as they would be able to manage it easily.

    It’s a drop-through board, which implies it’s nearer to the ground and just 4″ above the ground. Also, the low height makes it easier for riders to push and brake when riding.

    And also, to bring more to your convenience, this board is only around 7 pounds, so it’s going to be easy to carry it around. This is a perfect longboard for children and beginners and good enough to bear riders with a weight of up to 250 pounds.

    Wheels & Trucks:

    Riders really enjoy the sturdy and soft 70×50 mm Polyurethane Wheels with hardness rating of 78A. The skaters who use the Playshion drop-through longboard stated that the 70mm wheels offer a really pleasant and stable ride.

    Not just that, but they’re also capable of picking up a lot of speed while moving. The wheels are therefore pretty good for a stable and fast longboard journey.

    The Playshion 39” drop-through incorporates high-quality and lightweight 7″ reverse kingpin aluminum trucks that make the board to slide easily.

    The powder-coated trucks pair up well with the wheels to provide a smooth and pleasant ride. Moreover, Playsahion comes with ABEC 9 bearings. The strong tolerance of such bearings makes it possible to spin faster than others.

    Deck Flex:

    This construction and design of the Playshion drop-through longboard combines sturdiness and flex to provide you with the perfect dancing experience.


    In this Homie & Skate series, we propose you to discover an activity closely related to surfing: skateboarding. For this article, we focused on the longboard dancing, a discipline associated with with longboard in surfing. Stay with us to know about the longboard dancing in this article.

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    Отличия гироскутера от сигвея


    Invented in Los Angeles about fifty years ago by the surfers in need of waves, the longboard provided these ride enthusiasts with sensations similar to those of surfing. And this, in particular by the possibility of making tight turns on the bitumen, and thus of carving or with the discipline of the carving. However, the longboard evolved, some riders made it a means of transport. As with cruising for example. As for other riders, they have made it an object to experience strongs sensations by riding downhills. As you will have understood, in longboarding you can experience all sensations.

    Today, we talk to you about an art in particular and all the grace and the poetry which can be produced by this discipline: the longboard dancing.

    Indeed, 10 years ago, the art of dancing was slowly mixed with the art of riding. Transforming the board into a dance floor for more aestheticism and emotions.

    Pirouettes, wheels that take off, crossed-steps, a new discipline was born: the longboard dancing.


    If you walk on the quays of the Seine on a Sunday in Paris, it is normal to observe boards twirling at the level of the Orsay museum. This is the Docksession , the event created by one of the pioneers of longboard dancing: Lotfi Lamaali . A weekly gathering where passionate people meet to ride and dance together. This event has become emblematic in the longboarding world thanks to social networks, and has spread to a dozen countries. A large community now exists throughout the world. This tightly knit community supports each other on social networks. And the concept is based on sharing: exchanging new tricks, giving advice on trucks, and sharing videos.


    “When you’re doing a dance line, you can’t think about everything you are going to do, you’re going to jump in and see what happens: you do what you want.” In an interview with Riding Zone, Lotfi Lamaali describes a sport based on aesthetics and creativity. And not about performance. It is above all about letting the body express itself, disconnecting the mind from the body. The body then becomes an object in its own right with its own will. It no longer responds to the demands of the mind, but to its own sensation: unique and magical.


    In this activity, it’s normal to see a skater, but we could say “asphalt surfer”, walking on his board. The basic and emblematic dance step of the discipline is called the cross step . And for us, surfers in water, this word tells us something, right? It is quite normal! This famous step, we also find it in longboard surfing on the water. The cross step consists in making steps towards the nose of the board, while crossing the legs and keeping the balance.

    Longboard surfing and longboard dancing are two closely related disciplines. Balance, aesthetics, body expression, we find these characteristics in longboard surfing.

    From 9 feet, or 2.76 meters, a surfboard is considered a longboard . This shape allows the longboarders to leave more easily on the waves and thus to benefit from the wave before it breaks to take time to carry out cross step and other figures. The longboarders will thus privilege spots with space and waves with soft slopes and which can break a moment . In the Basque region, you can easily see these big boards on the famous Basque Coast. Emblematic spot for longboard, the CDB looks like a 70’s surftrip, “if it’s not too big” , as they say in the jargon and in the area.

    In skateboarding, they will look for vast and flat urban spaces like the famous spots of the quays Anatole France in Paris and the National Library of France (BNF). The key to a good spot in longboard dancing is space.

    You will have understood it, at Homie Boards, we are passionate about sliding. And this, on all surfaces. Follow our news: we promise you to dig very soon other Ride disciplines and to make privileged links with surfing.

    For the moment, and between two tricks and other figures, don’t wait any longer: at the time of this article, the conditions are perfect for the little summer surf and dream.

    Warmth, sun, small perfect waves and between friends… What could be better to set your first cross step?

    Thanks to our talented photographer and editor Amélie for this article.

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